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The Riveter & The Pilot…Behind-the-Scenes Fun

I love the behind-the-scenes part of photo shoots. You can learn a lot about people that way. How they work, what their personalities are like, what makes them laugh. It’s no different on a book cover photo shoot. This one featured Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riveter, both strong women of their time, ones that […]

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You Can Star in Your Own Retro Photo Shoot.

Have you ever wanted to dress like the characters in TV shows like Mad Men or Pan Am? Well, now you can. You can star in your very own photo shoot in retro style. Watch the video to find out how. Email Lois Olson at lois.olson.photo@gmail.com to reserve your spot today.

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Prom Dress Meets City Park Fountain

Prom Dress Meets City Fountain Shootout — Omaha Fashion Photographer — Lois Olson I’ve heard it said that whereas an artist paints with watercolors to create her work, a photographer paints with light. I love light. All kinds of light: the soft, buttery color of sweet morning light; the warm, reddish color of late afternoon […]

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