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How to Photograph Kids to Capture Their Emotions

Capture emotion. I’ve learned that people are often uncomfortable in front of the camera. I am as well, even knowing how to pose and how the camera sees and what light is most flattering. One thing that helps when you’re shooting people is to give them something to do. Your subject becomes engaged in the […]

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Use Props & Turn Your Image into a Story

Hello. The other day I was walking past the end of my bed skirting Cantere’s (our canary’s) cage on my dresser in order not to startle her. I must have skirted too far, because I stubbed my toe on the base of the bed and ended up fracturing it. Who knew how important such a little […]

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Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. The Key to Making Your Images Pop.

Hi, there. This week I worked on the set of “Adopted: The Series” as a set production photographer. One of the things that is so fascinating about seeing the behind-the-scenes shooting of a show is realizing that one scene is shot with several takes from several different angles and then pieced together in post production […]

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