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The Good, the Sad, and the Promises

(Part 2 of  “Dead Come to Life” photo shoot. See Part 1, “Finding Your Inner MacGyver,” here.) Guest Post by Jessica Stone of Buzy Bee Photography I’m so excited to be back to talk more about my latest project. Last week I wrote about breaking out your inner “MacGyver” and tackling the obstacles. This week I’d […]

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Finding your Inner MacGyver

Guest post by Jessica Stone of Buzy Bee Photography Part 1 of 2. See Part 2 here.  I love being a photographer. I love to come up with new and inventive ideas about taking pictures and creating a story of photos. Part of being a good photographer is being inventive, like one of my favorite […]

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Mint Blueberry Summer Salad

One of my new favorite salads is so fresh and light; perfect for a warm summer day. All you need is: lettuce/spinach, chickpeas, basil, spring onion, mint, blueberries, mangos, toasted pumpkin seeds, quinoa, lemon juice, and olive oil. And I’m sure you can add or substitute some different and favorite fruits of yours. Enjoy! About […]

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Scarves that tell a story, Really?

Each scarf has 3 stories to tell. One of which it whispers to me at increasing volume control until I take the time to create it. 2. The story that it shares with you, it’s new owner, and 3. the story that it tells to all who see you wearing it. I have a confession. […]

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Whatever is Noble…Think About Such Things

Hi, there. I’ve often been inspired by women of the past. I think about them overcoming hardships and rising to the occasion exposing characters of great worth. Rosie the Riveter was like that. Even though she wasn’t a real woman, she represented the many that stepped up and worked in factories during World War II […]

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